Sponsorship Update

We praise God for the many sponsors who God uses to help New Hope bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless each day. There are still sponsorship opportunities available.

If you are a sponsor or are considering becoming one and have questions about how the sponsorship funding is used in even more detail than is on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Kasana Children’s Center Basic Child Sponsorship

We praise God that 372 of our Kasana Children’s Center children are sponsored. We have 23 who do not yet have sponsors.

Kasana Children’s Center Post-Primary Child Sponsorship

We praise God that 31 of our secondary and post-secondary children have second sponsors to help meet the higher costs of post-primary education. 117 do not yet have second sponsors. We have an especially large need among our sons and daughters who are currently attending university or vocational school or will be starting this September.

Kasana Children’s Center Hope House (Baby House) Sponsorship

We praise God that we have 17 regular sponsors of Hope House.  13 more sponsors are needed to fully fund our current operating costs.
Note: These costs can and do change as we take in more babies and when we move into our new Hope House (currently under construction) this number will increase as we will be able to care for more babies.

Kobwin Children’s Center/Amuria Child Sponsorship

We praise God that 19 of our children at Kobwin Children’s Center are sponsored. We have 2 children who do not yet have sponsors.

We praise God that 11 of our children in Amuria are sponsored. We have 3 who do not yet have sponsors.

New Hope Uganda Staff Sponsorship

We praise God that 19 of our staff have sponsors. We have 65 staff who do not yet have sponsors.

Family Group Sponsorship

We praise God for our seven Kasana Family Groups. Child Sponsorship primarily covers education costs, and that even with growing much of our own food, there are still significant costs to raise a family of 16-20 kids. In light of that, we have recently started our Family Group Sponsorship program. We would antipate that this would typically be taken on by a small group, missions committee or church, but is certainly open to individuals as well. For more details, visit our website or contact our sponsorship office.

Each of the 7 Kasana Family Groups are in need of sponsorship.

We praise God that our Kobwin Family Group has had a recent commitment for half sponsorship. We have a half sponsorship remaining.