Medical Clinics

Medical care remains one of the greatest physical needs in Uganda. New Hope’s Medical Clinic was birthed from an all-too-common tragedy when a son of New Hope died from malaria in 1990. God’s people responded, and the Lord provided the means for the ministry to offer basic care to the sons, daughters, and staff living on-site.

What began at Kasana as a two-room facility with one nurse checking for malaria, has expanded into 3 locations with services that include a lab that tests for typhoid, malaria, parasites and other preventable diseases. The clinics are staffed by nurses and a full-time lab technician. The clinics minister to the New Hope children, staff, workers, and various individuals in the community.

At various times, medical teams from the West come to serve New Hope and the surrounding communities through offering medical services and outreaches that have taken them all over the country. The Kasana clinic team conducts monthly outreaches into the local community to improve health conditions and share the love of Jesus. All the ministry sites have offered vision and dental outreaches, and Musana Camps’ new clinic offers services to a community devoid of local medical care.

Invest in the medical needs of the fatherless and those in our communities.