Ruth’s story was one of rejection from her mother, who sadly couldn’t even manage to look after herself. The community where Ruth and her mother lived had tried very hard to help but to no avail.

Ruth came to Hope Family (our babies’ home) severely malnourished and was quite literally a bag of bones, weighing 11 pounds at age two and a half years old!  We quickly realized that Father God had given Ruth the spirit of determination and in a home where there is much life and activity, this beautiful little girl has flourished. Ruth’s mother has severe mental health issues but the surrounding community and church are managing to support her and she herself (when last visited) looks to be much more stable. Today, in Hope Family, under the loving care of our wonderful mothers, Ruth has gained good weight and that smile tells the story of a changed life, one that reflects hope!

* This story is a true, current, story of a child in our care, but for confidentiality reasons the name has been changed.  The actual now healthy toddler is pictured here.