Orphan Care

Hope Family

Hope Family is New Hope Uganda’s ministry to orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and special needs babies, in the district of Nakaseke.

Our community outreach work has helped shape the way we continue to develop our Hope Family Ministry. We take time to understand a family situation for each child who has been highlighted as vulnerable and we look for healthy opportunities to keep a child in known family through our ongoing support up to the age of three years. We encourage safe and loving family for the child to flourish by offering pastoral care, training, milk formula, food provision, medical coverage and much more.

The most needy babies that require a safe place, come into Hope Family (onsite). They are loved and cared for by one of our trained mothers 24/7, while we investigate possibilities for the child to be restored to biological family willing to embrace him or her as true family. In some cases, where appropriate, we pursue adoption for the child.

We thank God that this ministry has allowed New Hope Uganda to point people in our surrounding communities to Him, our loving heavenly Father!

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