Investment Year (IY)

New Hope Uganda’s Investment Year (IY) for Senior 4 graduates is an intensive one-year program filled with training, life skills, hands-on experience, and discipleship in preparation for the future. IY challenges students’ personal and cultural assumptions, training them to evaluate new experiences and information with a Biblical worldview.

IY is designed to help young people in Uganda develop skills, knowledge and character necessary for success in further education, future career, and in their personal lives. It’s all about raising up future leaders of Uganda – cultural influencers who will take a stand for righteousness and integrity in the business world, the arts, medicine, the political arena, the church, families, their communities and in global issues.

During IY each student completes three 3-month internships in the field(s) he or she is interested in pursuing in the future. Such experience gives them clarity in their choice of further education and training. These internships also provide excellent experiences and training.

Throughout the year each student receives intensive discipleship and training in life issues and skills. The curriculum is Bible-based and the students learn about worldview, personal financial management, business etiquette, writing a resume, interview skills, Biblical hermeneutics and exegesis, public speaking, and much more.

Each student will read the whole of the Bible, as well as being required to read at least eighteen books from a carefully selected list. The students are also trained in Biblical business principles and each run a small business throughout the year, encouraging them to develop the skills to become self-sufficient. Investment Year stretches the students tremendously. True to its name, it is a year of investing in our students and preparing them for all God has for them. Upon completion, IY students enter their future commissioned with clear direction and purpose.

Over the last ten years, around 200 young people have completed the Investment Year program.

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