Orphan Care

Special Needs

Since 2009, New Hope Uganda has been ministering directly to children with disabilities in our surrounding community and to the families affected. Disability is difficult anywhere, but in Uganda there are virtually no services or infrastructure to serve those with physical or mental disabilities.

In the Ugandan culture, many look at children with disabilities as a curse, but God values each life and has a purpose for every person, regardless of disability. No matter how broken or fragile their body, mind or spirit is, God has a purpose for them. We do all we can to help reveal the treasure and potential planted inside each individual.

The “Treasures in Jars of Clay” (TIJOC) ministry includes two special needs homes (Hassan’s House and Stella’s House) special needs school onsite, and a community outreach program to support, encourage and train parents with special need children. Today, (TIJOC) touches over 250 special needs children and parents in the community

TIJOC teaches a biblical view of disability and suffering, cares for those with disabilities in our local
community, and provides education and support to those impacted by disability.

Sponsor one of our special needs children.