Delighting in My Children

[caption id="attachment_8273" align="alignright" width="200"] Shadrach & Sarah Okiror[/caption] We continue to rejoice in what God is doing at Kobwin Children’s Centre!  The following is a list of praise for all God is doing in the children at Kobwin. By Shadrach Okiror, family father of Jeremiah family group which provides a place for some of our Kobwin sons and daughters to stay. 1] Service We have seen some progress in our children in the areas of service and responsibility. They are involved every Sunday in making…

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Haywood Family Sponsorship Story

First of all, how many children do you sponsor all together? Well, we have 26 African kids total, that we’ve sponsored through the years, in both Uganda and Kenya.  But many of them have already graduated and a few of them have left the program for various reasons.  So we are currently sponsoring only 13.  We actually have 3 African “grandchildren” as well.  Two of our older sons in Kenya have already started families of their own and one of our sons in Uganda sponsors…

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Kobwin Academic Progress

Felistus Ikwarit, our Kobwin Primary School headmistress, shares some of the progress she and her fellow staff have seen in our sons and daughters' schooling over the years! Amunonaitete (New Hope) is our Kobwin Primary School which started way back in 2010. We had a humble beginning, but God has indeed been faithful to us. We first started with older children who had spent two or three years in the bush as child soldiers. During these years, their schooling became a thing of the past.…

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The Way My Life was Shaped by I4GT

This post is by a former Institute student who is now ministering in his home country! I have been asked to do a very difficult thing – to write about how the Institute has impacted my life and ministry. The impact of the Institute is so huge that it is difficult to keep it short! The very first thing that happened to me was quite humbling. In India, the teacher is usually older than the pupils, and here I was a 33-year-old guy (in Jan…

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