Hope Family Outreach Program

The task of bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless does not come with a one-size-fits-all manual.  Each community, family, and child has a unique story with unique beauty, unique needs, and unique pain- calling for unique responses.  One of the core values of New Hope Uganda is to uphold and strengthen a child’s biological family and to in no way usurp their God-given authority and responsibility in a child’s life. Each child has a family.  Be it broken, dysfunctional, unknown or deceased, he…

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Our Little Cowboy Daniel

Daniel’s mother hid her entire pregnancy from the people in the village where she lived. When it was time for her to deliver, she went to the pit latrine and dropped Daniel some thirty feet straight down into feces and urine. She simply walked away. Later that day, someone went to use the latrine, instead shocked to be greeted by the sound of a baby crying. The people in the community hurried together and ripped open the latrine. Someone climbed down into the stinking pit to…

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Bejju: A Life Transformed

This is the story of one of our New Hope Uganda sons who is now in Investment Year! [caption id="attachment_7227" align="alignright" width="133"] Bejju & an uncle[/caption] When Bejju Isaac was two years old, his mom and dad got a divorce. Bejju and his six-month-old brother were left with their father at the family’s home in Jinja. The father worked all day as a tailor, but made little money. So in 2003, Bejju (age 7) and his brother went to live with their aunt in a village about…

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The Work of Early Adulthood

The Early Adulthood section of our Childcare department handles a very unique stage of life, the critical nature of which is sometimes overlooked. The staff of the Early Adulthood department find great joy working with these young adults. We work in the lives of young people wrestling through the transition to adulthood. Career choices, life decisions, physical changes, and others are all exerting much pressure in their lives. Social media, a new way of dressing, and peer pressure all bombard the minds of our young…

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