Childcare Extension

Hundreds of orphaned or fatherless children from surrounding villages attend New Hope Uganda’s schools each day. These are children who have lost one or both of their parents, but have a relative or neighbor willing to give them parental oversight and a roof over their heads, but have little else to offer.

New Hope Uganda invests in the lives of these children each day at school, but our commitment to these children and their extended families goes far beyond the school day.

Extension staff visit every child at home every two weeks to monitor the living conditions of the children and to offer much-needed practical education and training for each child’s family.

The majority of these children live in homes headed by widowed mothers or grandmothers. Our male Extension staff members step in to provide much needed fatherly input and love. These elderly widows also receive basic provision as needed and have access to free health care at our clinic.

Our extension staff develop relationships with local pastors, inspire them to participate in caring for the fatherless in their area. We also engage with local community leaders (government officials, police, etc.) to champion the cause of children protection and care.

Sponsor one of our children from the surrounding community.