Every day New Hope Uganda missionaries love, teach, disciple, feed, clothe, and provide medical care for our sons and daughters. Financial sponsorship of children, missionaries, and programs is our primary means to fund these efforts. Most of our children have suffered multiple losses in their lives. We believe relational sponsorship is an opportunity for them to build meaningful, long-term, and healthy relationships. These relationships foster growth in healing transformation. We also recognize the great need for sponsors to pray for our children and staff individually. In addition to child sponsorship, sponsorship of our Ugandan missionaries helps to encourage and bless the laborers faithfully serving these children. Would you invest in a life by committing to prayer, provision, and relationship?

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New Hope Uganda currently has more than 400 fatherless children between our two locations. We need sponsors who are willing to commit to prayer, building a meaningful relationship, and financial support. The main income for our ministry’s day-to-day running costs comes from sponsorships. Our program encourages relationship between sponsors and New Hope, as well as between sponsors and our children.

There are two categories of child sponsorship; relational and non-relational.

Relational sponsorship includes letter writing between the sponsor and the child. Most sponsorships of children at Kasana Children’s Centre will be relational. The children attending our onsite schools write to their sponsors six times each year. Sponsors are strongly encouraged to write at least six times per year as well, and are welcome to visit New Hope Uganda on a short-term team where they would have the opportunity to spend time with their sponsor child.

Non-relational sponsorship is for the children at our Kobwin Children’s Centre, or for second sponsors of our older Kasana children. The children at Kobwin do not know that they have individual sponsors. Sponsors in this category will occasionally receive general updates about/from their child, but will not write back.

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Special Needs

Sponsorship of our special needs program, Treasures in Jars of Clay, supports our ministry to local children with special needs. The majority of these children (over 150) live in the surrounding community. Some have living fathers who have either abandoned the children because of their special needs or are unable to provide the necessary care. There are two ways to sponsor this program.

Sponsor an individual child. These sponsors will receive emails with updates about their particular child three times each year. Please note that because of the high medical costs for many of these children, each child is in need of multiple sponsors.

Sponsor the Special Needs Program as a ministry. With this option, your sponsorship will fund all aspects of the program. This includes daily running costs and staff salaries, in addition to medical appointments and specialized equipment for the children. Both monthly and one-time donations are welcome, at any amount you feel led to give.

Monthly sponsors under either category will receive an email newsletter three times a year sharing about the ministry’s impact.


Sponsorship of Hope Family provides for the care of orphaned or vulnerable babies and toddlers through our onsite home and community outreach program. Since these children are young and generally not under the care of our ministry for a long time, we do not offer sponsorship of babies or toddlers individually. Sponsors of Hope Family support the whole of this New Hope Uganda ministry.

Monthly and one-time donations are welcome at any amount you feel led to give. Monthly sponsors will receive an email newsletter at least twice a year about Hope Family’s ministry and impact.

Ugandan Missionary

The ministry of New Hope Uganda is made possible in large part by the work of our Ugandan missonaries, who make up 85% of our missionaries. Missionary salaries are one of the largest expenses for the ministry, yet we struggle to pay our missionaries the national average for their position. Our Ugandan missionaries make many sacrifices to serve and minister with New Hope Uganda.

To help cover Ugandan missionary salaries and encourage faithful service, we developed a Ugandan missionary sponsorship program. Half of the sponsor’s monthly donation goes to the Ugandan missionary as a bonus in addition to his/her salary, while the other half goes to the ministry to help pay their salary. Sponsors and Ugandan missionaries are encouraged to build relationships with each other through prayer and letter writing.

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