Sponsorship: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

Our sponsorship program started early in our ministry. Though there have been changes and adjustments over the years, our goals have remained the same. Sponsoring a child through New Hope Uganda provides an opportunity for relationship between the sponsors and children, prayer support for the children, and the finances necessary for raising and educating our sons and daughters.


Our children receiving Christmas gifts from sponsors in 2015.

We and our children are so grateful for the thousands of sponsors who have been part of our team over the years. Some who began sponsoring a child in preschool have continued relating with, praying for, and supporting that child all the way through university. Many sponsors come to New Hope as part of short-term teams and interact with their children in person.

This year, one of our old sons will be getting married. His sponsors, who have stayed in touch with him since his graduation, will be traveling from America for his wedding! This is an example of how some sponsors build close relationships with the children that continue even when the sponsorship ends.

Sponsor with children at guesthouse.

Sponsor with children at guesthouse.

In 2015, God blessed our office greatly.  We established almost 120 new sponsorships. This year has been less abundant, as at this time we have done less than 50 new sponsorships. Our goal, naturally, is to fully sponsor all our children as well as Ugandan members of staff and the two arms of our ministry that care for special needs children and babies.


Sponsors meeting their sponsor child.

We continue to look for ways to better coordinate and promote our sponsorship program. If you would like to become a promoter for New Hope to your church or friends, we have updated resources (profiles and info cards etc.) we would be happy to share with you! You can contact our new U.S. sponsorship coordinator, Carly Winterstein, at office@nhum.org for these resources.

Currently, we have just over 600 sponsor relationships in place! However, we still have 45 children in need of full sponsors ($70/month), 120 children in need of co-sponsors ($35/month), 80 staff who could be sponsored ($60/month), and needs for more monthly sponsors of our special needs and baby ministries (flexible amounts).

Sponsor a child.

Watch our video to learn more about sponsorship.