As begin this new and final school term in this year, please find below our prayer requests at New Hope’s Essuubi Eppya Vocational Primary School (EEVPS):
2012-04-19-14.35.151. Staff and children to trust God instead of  man
2. Children’s character
3. Stewardship
4. God’s provision for more staff and more infrastructure
5. Children/ teacher’s health
6. Children struggling academically
7. Protection and guidance
8. Children Dropping out of school
9. Knowledge and wisdom
10. Children’s pretence to be saved but little that shows heart transformation.
11. More sponsors
12. Financial breakthrough for those children who are self-sponsored.
2012-04-19-14.36.1313. Community negative  influence.
14. Children personal needs at home.
15. Love for the word of God
16. God to break the ancestral bondages in our children’s lives.
17. Kitchen supplies.
18. Salvation of our cooks.
19. Deep vertical and horizontal relationships

P.7 week is a special time we have with our Primary 7 students each year. The P7 students are in their final year of Primary school and study all year for a big national exam. We try to break up the difficulty and pressure of the year by doing special activities for the students with their teachers.

This year, we decided to revamp the P.7 week tradition schedule in a sense that instead of doing a full week of five days, we decided to split the week into five separate days whereby each week of school we have set aside Fridays to run the P.7 week activities with the following goals in mind:
 Building relationships
 Spiritual input
 Academic input

The first day was punctuated with teachings in the morning by elder Fred Semakula (about the gospel) and the afternoon by Mr. Tonny Muwanguzi (accepting fatherhood offered). The two speakers were really used touch2012-04-26-12.40.41 the hearts of the students very deeply as many were testifying about their desperate need of the gospel to change their lives.

The participants watched a movie entitled “Faith Like Potatoes” in which many did identify a lot with the key characters. A special meal, courtesy of our Calvary Downey and Kent teams,  was served which included rice, meat, pineapple, doughnuts and sodas. They were also involved in challenge games, Bible and warm up games.

We really had a very good and successful day and the weather was great. Everyone is looking forward to the next P7 Friday, 20th September 2013. Pray that many more hearts are touched and transformed as we look at Purity.

Glory be to God.

Katabazi N. Simon