Year-End Needs

DSC_9217-fwKasana Children’s Centre is a lot quieter today. Yesterday, most of the children who live with us full-time left Kasana yesterday to visit with relatives. The next few weeks are  important time for our children to connect with an aunt or an uncle or Jaja (grandparent) or a cousin or a sibling. These relatives are unable to care for the children on a regular basis but they still can play an important part in their lives. We would appreciate your prayers for this time.

We would also appreciate your prayers and thoughtful consideration of New Hope Uganda as the year draws to a close. We have significant needs in our general budget and a large percentage of our budget usually comes in December. If you are interested in contributing to our general fund (operating fund), click here and put “general fund”or “where most needed” in the comment box.

We also have a list of specific needs. Today, we will focus on the Kasana Children’s Centre list. If you connect with one of the below needs, please click here and put that need in the comment box.

God bless you!

Kasana Children’s Centre Needs
• Undesignated Gifts to Go to Area of Highest Need in the General Fund –a large percentage of
our operational funds come through gifts in this area – any amount would be very appreciated
• Primary School Textbooks – $10 per book (hundreds needed)
• Secondary School Textbooks – $10 per book (hundreds needed)
Sponsorship ($35 per month for co-sponsorship, $70 per month for full sponsorship)
• Primary School Shelving – $400 per classroom (8 classrooms)
• Lap-top Computers for Staff (new or used) – $450 if new (20 needed)
• Lap-top Computers for Children – $450 if new (30 needed for Kasana lab)
• Lap-top Computers for Investment Year House (new or used) – $450 (10 needed)
• Funds to Pay for a Professional Ugandan Writer- $500 monthly
• “Bulldog” Hammer Drill + Bits – $500
• Standard Latrine for Children in Family Groups – $1,000 (5 needed)
• Networking Equipment and Installation – $1,000
• Post-Kasana Education Scholarship Fund (any amount)
• Replacement Roofing for Children’s Housing in Family Groups – $1,600 (4 needed)
• Funds to Complete Solar Set-up at Primary School – $2,000
• Server Computer – $2,000
• Flux Core Mig Welder + wire, extra gun – $2000
• Sealed Latrine for children in Family Groups (in low water table areas)- $2,750 (1 needed)
• Funds for Football, Netball, Basketball, Track Travel in 2014 – $4,000
• Vocational Institute Fencing – $4,000
• Compactor – $4,800
• Accounts Software Upgrade – $7,000
• Vocational Institute Hostel – $15,000
• Shop Upgrades – $15,000.
• Construction Maintenance Van – $20,000
• Additional Primary Classroom – $25,000 x 2
• Primary School Admin Block (to finish school) – $50,000
• Institute of Childcare and Family Meeting Hall – $50,000
• Staff Duplex – $50,000 x 2