The Kids are Back!

Maize Harvest

Golden sun reflected of yellowed maize, with each rustle, snap, and crack indicating the presence of someone amidst the maize. Weaving among the yellow, dried sentry stalks I discovered the majority of the kids from Jonathan Family hard at work bringing in the maize harvest. Just getting to say a brief hello has brought life back to Kasana. This same scene of finding young people where there were only reminders of them for the past couple months is repeating all across the site. Greeted with many smiles and more opportunities to wave during normal walks across the site, all the staff now celebrate that the kids are back!

Throughout the December and January school holidays, Kasana Children’s Centre seems hushed and empty as the majority of children living on site go to visit their families. Thursday, they started to return – ready for time in their family groups before school begins on February 2. The long holidays of the year occur in December and January during the hottest part of the year here in Equatorial Africa. Kasana is located at enough elevation that it is often a comfortable temperature, but these dry months can see the temperature spike to 100 degrees F.

Would you pray with us during this transition:

1. Praise Father God for the safe return of these children.

2. That hearts will be open this year – in both staff and children – to receive from Him and each other.

3. For us to seek God’s Kingdom and that our prayer would continue to be “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done.”

– Wesley Steeb, NHU Communications Coordinator