Staff Profile – Sambwe Rogers

Sambwe Rogers at Hope FamilyIn 1996 Sambwe Rogers joined New Hope Uganda as a day student from Kasana Village. Over the course of his schooling, his academic and work aspirations shifted. He now serves as the Hope Family Social Worker and on the Kasana Children’s Centre Management Committee.

“I knew I was going to be a doctor because I loved science, but in [the Investment Year], that all changed to social work. I loved to come back here and work with New Hope Uganda (NHU) because I felt blessed because of having been taken care of … a way of appreciating God for what he had done for me. I really desired to work with the community and people in the community.

I first worked in Extension (NHU’s staff who work with out children in the community) as Assistant Coordinator for two years. This year in January [2014], I became fully the social worker in Hope Family.

I do assessments on the babies who are always wanting to join the program. I do try to look at their health and family background and maybe family members. I encourage responsible people in the family to care for the babies. My favorite part is doing the investigations and assessment because I get to learn new things on the job.

[Working at Hope Family] I’ve been exposed in many good ways to the community. I’ve built good relationship with the people working in the community and also the families of the babies. And God has helped me through the challenges along the way – especially doing the investigations.

[During my time at New Hope] I’m seeing relationship grow stronger between the staff and children. Having grown up here as a child, I’ve seen that NHU wants sons and daughters to step into the ministry and serve the Lord.

I’m also seeing NHU is not just teaching and sending out, it is also training sons and daughters to do ministry and also pursuing … and welcoming those with a desire to come and serve with New Hope Uganda.

When I’m working at Hope Family, I think I’m serving my brothers and sisters and showing them a good example. I’ve been blessed to see some of my sisters going to do social work at universities. At first I thought [social work] was just a job that someone does, but it’s a way God uses to reach the people to share His love and share the Gospel with people in the community. So social work is also a ministry where the people’s lives are impacted.”

Sambwe off to greet a baby at the gate