Kasana Children’s Center: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

Kasana Children’s Center, located near Kiwoko in Nakaseke district, continues to be a center continuously striving to bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless.  All sections have worked hard this year in ministering to the fatherless and the vulnerable despite scarce resources and understaffing. There are four departments: childcare, education, administration, and construction.

The following is a summary of all that God enabled our ministry to do in 2016!

  • 35 children have been added into family groups
  • 2 vulnerable babies added to our onsite Hope Family
  • 28 children added to our childcare extension program
  • 24 special needs children added to our Treasures in Jars of Clay program
  • 42 new students in our primary school
  • 37 new students in our secondary school
  • 24 students have finished primary school
  • 26 students have finished secondary school
  • 28 students have completed the Investment Year program
  • 33 students went onto higher education or vocational courses
Our new intake for 2016.

Our new intake for 2016.

We praise the Lord for the above and many more achievements that we have seen the Lord do through us in the year 2016, as we look forward to 2017. We are so thankful to all the donors and individual sponsors who have graciously given to facilitate this work of the Lord.


These smiling faces say thank you!

One of the instances where we could praise God for His work at Kasana Children’s Center was during our Launch Day for 14 of our sons and daughters.  One of our sons, Kiweewa Christopher, shared how Kasana changed his life.  He came to Kasana when he was just 6 years old.  He testified to how New Hope has enabled him to be where he is today.  Much of this was through encouragement to work hard and to persist.  Christopher recently joined the New Hope family as staff and oversees the Enterprise Farm.

Another son, Kanakulya Geoffrey shared how much God has blessed him through the New Hope staff; especially his family father George Opuche, who gave him much counsel over the years.  Geoffrey praised God for the character that New Hope shaped in him that enabled him to receive a job right out of school.  Geoffrey recently completed his diploma to be a clinical officer and is now working to open the clinic at Musana Camps!

Our prayerful desire for 2017 is:

  • For us to reach more fatherless and vulnerable children in our community as there are still many unreached orphaned and fatherless children in desperately vulnerable situations.
  • To improve our “hands on” care for all God has entrusted to us, in loving and discipling our children into Biblical men and women living for the glory of God.
  • To mitigate the challenges we have of some falling through the cracks because of the orphan heart/poor care by their guardians in our community (many of whom are negligent, abusive or addicts, to the harm of the children).
  • God to enable us as care givers in living out Biblical manhood and womanhood expressed through Godly lives and selfless service.
Some of our children having fun!

Some of our children having fun!

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