Finding a Rhythm

Walking along the road. One foot in front of the other.

Each step creating its own “one, two, three, four…”


As I travel to church on a Sunday morning, the neighboring church sounds the commencement drums. “one & ah two & 3 e & ah four &…”

There seems to be a constant rhythm all around. Either with a person’s hands, feet, even our very heartbeats have our own rhythm.


In some of the younger Primary classes, we have been entering into a time of teaching rhythm, recognizing rhythm, mimicking rhythms, and making our own. Making rhythms recognizable by certain cultural groups.

We learn one pattern at a time, remember the old one and then learn a new one.

We add each new rhythm to our mental filing systems and pull them out one by one.

Each rhythm is very different. Some involve hands only, others incorporate stomping or snapping, all having variations of loud and quiet noises.

Then, the crowning moment, when we put it all together – each rhythm in it’s own uniqueness becomes a part of a full, beautiful picture. What was once a separate, solo pattern now becomes mingled into a big pulsating drone that can make the very hairs on your neck to stand on end.


As I look around the classroom, I see little faces who can quickly catch the new rhythm and some who struggle to pick it. Some who are tired from a rough night. Some who smile because they don’t know what else to do. Some who just need a voice to let them know that their gift – big or small – is still good. And He will use it.

The body of Christ comes with many different parts. Some are the feet – they stomp around; march to the beat. Some are the hands – clapping “one, two, three, & ah four.” Some are the fingers; snapping along, drumming their little quiet combination.

We can’t all be the hands, can’t all be the stomping feet. He asks us to be who we were made to be. In Him.

All parts joining together to be a part of His Body – each part working differently but together they are creating something beautiful.

Finding our rhythm in this place – on this journey. And letting it ring out Loud for Him.

 – Hannah Kusler, Children and Youth Music Ministry Coordinator