Teaming Up with Kobwin

What and amazing week and a half. I had the opportunity to spend a week and a half at Musana Camp and Kobwin Children’s center in Uganda Africa. 15 of us college age kids, teamed up with 30 kids from Kobwin Childens Center and ran outreaches within the village of Kobwin, sharing the Gospel and making Jesus famous.

We focused on using our gifts and talents to serve God the first three days at Musana Camp. It was important for all of us to understand that we are all valuable, and have been given gifts to serve the body of Christ. After three days of being together and searching God’s word for truth about using these gifts, we left for Kobwin to actually do it. We arrived in Kobwin and the first full day we all built a house for a widow in the village. It was beautiful to be able to provide something for someone who was in real need. We left with everything being done except the very last part of putting mud on as the walls to the house.

The next two days we focused on outreach within the schools. For the outreaches we went to a primary school (elementary) and a secondary school (high school) and performed music, drama and also shared the Gospel and prayed with the kids at the schools. As great as these outreaches were, as we saw some come to Christ, nothing could compare with the relationships that we formed with the kids at Kobwin Children’s Center. We learned so much from the youth at Kobwin and were blessed to make great relationships and share in faith together. We were able to encourage them in their walk with Christ, as we were humbled by the attitudes and gentle spirit’s that we saw from most of these kids who had been through terrible darkness due to Joseph Kony’s uprising.

It was hard to leave the people that we met after such a short time, but we felt that God had done and awesome work knitting us together as family through Jesus. My hope and prayer is that many of them continue to do the work that we all started as we were there, and that they would continue to know Jesus in increasing measure.