Testimonies from post IY students

The impact of the Investment Year (IY) reaches into the future activities of the students who complete it. Whether they pursue additional studies through S5 and S6, eventually attend university, find a job, earn a certificate, or many other opportunities, these young adults see the fruit of the lessons they learned through the IY programme. A handful of them shared how their IY experiences continue to shape them as they step forward into jobs and further studies.

“I am done with my senior six and I am now working with Hope Family. This is interesting for me to work with young lads. I am enjoying being a young father to them. I am looking forward to when I have my own children. It is really lovely to be a father, and can not imagine what a joy the fathers get from having sons and daughters. Meanwhile after my time at Hope Family I will continue my further studies to become an accountant.”

“I am finally done with S6 and I am now doing a part time job with teams at New Hope Uganda. I like the job because it gives me a chance to meet and deal with new people. I am learning some new management skills, entrepreneurial, and dealing with human resources. It is so unfortunate that a job that I have come to love and enjoy of late I will have to leave in August and proceed with university.”

Joshua:Post IY
“I am done with my senior 6 and I am working in my store selling groceries and jewelry. I am happy that I am working and getting paid by my businesses. I am pursuing a medical course at university later this year.”

Zam Zam:
“I am currently working at the secondary school teaching senior 1 and 2 in the areas of chemistry and biology. I work in the school Tuesday through Friday, and on Mondays I work in our local hospital in Kiwoko. I am enjoying teaching and the work at the hospital. The Lord willing, I will attend university to study to be a doctor.”

“Oh! After a long awaited time IY is finished. I learned what it means to have godly character and knowledge of Him. I have discovered that I am able to teach and because of that discovery I am attending HSC at Mulama SS. After SS I will attended university to become a secondary teacher. I am looking forward to God using me in this area and I want to bring glory to His name.”

Compiled by Caleb Mitchell, Early Adulthood Coordinator

Pursuing additional schooling after the IY year requires more financial support than available exclusively through an individual sponsorship. If you feel called to support the IY programme and/or university and course fees for our older children, please visit the Donation page.