Termly Updates


Kobwin SchoolKasana SchoolHere in Uganda, the school calendar follows the calendar year, with a convenient extended break during the hottest, driest months of December and January. Nationally, all schools follow the same term and holiday dates. Today, New Hope Uganda’s primary and secondary students at Kasana and Kobwin are celebrating the start of their first holiday of the year. Parents are meeting with teachers to receive report cards and students prepare for a month outside of the classroom. Candidates for Primary 7 and Senior 4 national exams, will spend a fair amount of time revising and reading their textbooks looking towards their exam weeks in October and November.

Would you pray for the children to find both refreshment and growth personally and spiritually during the holiday – that relationships between children and parents or guardians would be strengthened; for children living in the community who will spend more time around family and neighbors who might not be Christians or positive influences; for safety and protection over all areas of their life; and for their teachers to be refreshed for the coming term.

All of the Investment Year students are also at Kasana this week rounding out a time of training through a variety of topics. Many New Hope staff have invest in them the past two weeks bringing Biblical teaching in areas such as manhood and womanhood, practical business matters, job tips, and ending the training period today with a discussion on the book Is Africa Cursed? led by Aunt Jennie Dangers. The young men and women have enjoyed getting to interact with the material, encouraged to “wrestle with it” not just absorb the teaching without processing individually. On Monday, they will start their second IY placements learning how to navigate a new environment and testing out another possible career or line of work.

Would you pray for open hearts and critical thinking as each son and daughter is drawn into deeper areas of Biblical truth and personal walks with Christ through the presented material? Also, for each IY participant to find a placement with a supervisor who will invest, encourage, and challenge them.

NHA Mares play in blue and white.

NHA Mares play in blue and white.

And Saturday, the New Hope Academy (secondary school) Stallions and Mares will depart with teachers and various staff members for the National Basketball Tournament in Mbarara about 8 hours away. Updates will come throughout the week. “Like” our Facebook page to stay informed: https://www.facebook.com/newhopeugandaministries.

Join us in praying for safe travels, health, and players, coaches, and spectators who glorify God in all their actions and conduct.

NHU Stallions defend in red.

NHU Stallions defend in red