Rain and Maize

We lived in Seattle before moving to Uganda and experienced our share of rain there. In Seattle, rain was something that was just a part of life – sometimes a bit annoying, other times it was a good excuse to stay inside and sit by the fire, but mostly you just lived with it and many times almost didn’t even notice it. 

Here our perception of rain has changed completely. We are so dependent on rain for our daily sustenance. When we arrived in late 2008, New Hope was in the middle of a very poor rainy season and crops here, and in the surrounding community, suffered for it. In the first half of 2009 (we have two growing seasons a year), we had another poor rainy season and it made things quite tough. We especially noticed this in our sons and daughters who come to school for the day and then go home at night. For many of them, the lunch they got at school was their only food for the day.

Praise God that the second half of last year, we had very good and consistent rains. The first half of this year the rains have also been very good. Our family groups worked very hard to increase the use of their land for crops this season and we are seeing wonderful results!

Every time it rains, we not only notice but are very thankful for it. We are so aware that God is our Provider and we are thanking Him for His blessings.

– Tal Anderson