Miracle Baby!


Our God does the impossible and I want to share with everyone, the impossible thing that He has done in the life of my wife Sarah and I. We have been married nearly eight years and have now been part of NHU (overseeing Hope Family) for just over a year. We had been told quite some years ago that we could not have children, due to Sarah having a very early menopause. Sarah was told by various consultants that she should take HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment) and get on with her life. We asked God to help us with this difficult news that we had received and to really trust Him with our hearts desire! Our Church, family and friends supported us and prayed for us and encouraged us as we moved forward into Gods plans and purposes.

Last year we came to Kasana and attended the Institute of Childcare and Family, which was an amazing time and just as we came to finish this course Sarah fell ill (or so we thought). The impossible happened and God by His amazing grace, chose to do the miraculous and make us pregnant. How we have rejoiced with so many over these past nine months both in Uganda and here in the U.K, for that is where we are right now. I am so pleased to announce that on 15th July 2011 Thomas Peter Dendy, the miracle, was born and it is all for the glory of God! Thomas is our constant reminder of the love of an all powerful God. THANK YOU LORD.

– Stu Dendy