Investment Year Update

Interview with Steve Brown – Investment Year Coordinator

Can you please describe the Investment Year program?

Investment Year is a year-round program (we’d explain it as a gap year in the UK, and maybe the US) designed to invest skills, knowledge, and character into our children so that they may be better prepared for further training and future career, as well as their personal lives. The ultimate goal is to be better members of their community and family and nation.

What are the goals of the Investment Year Program this year?

One of our goals is that each of our 31 students will have a better awareness and understanding of what they’re designed to do. Another one is that each one of them knows that they are known and cared for, both by God their father, and this family. The last goal is that each of our students gets an opportunity to experience life, family, and work outside of Kasana, whether that’s in Kampala or somewhere else.

What are some ways you’ve seen God working in the lives of our Investment Year
sons and daughters?

God has opened up new opportunities for this group – new internships. This group has experienced things no other previous group has. I think God is working in the hearts of this group, particularly in the area of relationships with each other. Especially in the first six months, we’ve seen God softening their hearts – seeing them build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. One of our young men went to an internship with a church in Kampala, and at the end of his internship, they really honored him by saying he was obedient, respectful, faithful, honest… he was all of the things this group is about, and that was really encouraging to hear.

What challenges has the Investment Year program faced this year?

At the end of last year, we moved IY to Kampala. This has been  fantastic, but it’s raised a greater challenge on our income. The benefit of moving has increased opportunities, but it’s made it more financially strenuous. We also have 31 students this year, which is almost double our previous biggest size… so that’s put a strain on having enough internships and opportunities. Our biggest challenge has been financial. There’s an ongoing tension between what we want to do and what we can do.

What are some ways people can pray for the Investment Year students and staff?

You can pray for our staff as we seek to motivate, encourage, and mentor our children through the year. For increased opportunities for our sons and daughters, for more internships… and for this group of young people particularly that God would continue to work in their hearts, especially with how they treat each other. And lastly, every August we go away with our children to Father Heart retreat, which is an opportunity for them to experience God as a father. I pray their hearts will be ready for it.

[interview by Harrison Scott]