Hear the Bell Ringing, They’re Reading . . .

Chronological Bible readers in the administration building the day of the launch.

At 10:30 am each weekday, the Kasana primary site bell rings and we all know it is Chronological Bible (the Bible arranged as it happened chronologically) reading time. Everyone stops what he is doing and starts reading the Bible. Every classroom is reading. All staff are reading too. Some read silently. others read aloud in groups. The Bible is also being read in Luganda on our Musana FM radio station.

We started reading the Chronological Bible three weeks ago. All New Hope sons and daughter from P6 on up are reading it in class along with the commentaries that go with it. Those  in P4 and P5 are reading the majority of what everyone else is, and our youngest school children are getting the same information in story-form.

At the administration building a group of us, meet in the conference room each day and read aloud. We usually have some time for discussion and questions following. Another group in the admin building is doing the same thing in Luganda for our staff who speak primarily in Luganda. It has been a blessing to be able to discuss the stories in various places on campus and know that we have all read it. 

– Tal Anderson