Uncle Jonnes and Uncle Jay open Envisioning 2012.

As the Ugandan school year runs Feb. – early December each year, December  and January serve as “summer vacation” for the kids.

Our Envisioning band has led wonderful times of worship.

We reported back to work on Jan. 4 and we have been busy hiring new staff and preparing for the year ahead.  Most of our sons and daughters who live with us full-time at Kasana Children’s Centre are visiting relatives for three-four weeks before returning to us, their Kasana family, next week.

On Wednesday, we began our annual Envisioning week. It is a wonderful time to join together with New Hope staff from each of our sites and be reminded of the calling God has for us. With nearly 100 staff, their spouses, 30 Investment Year sons and daughters, a number of S5 and S6 sons and daughters, and ten Kenyans from the first Kenyan Institute of Childcare and Family class, this is our biggest Envisioning gathering yet.

This year’s theme is based on Matthew 1:23 – Emmanuel – God with us. We are focusing on the primary purpose God has for us, relationship – first with Him then with others.  In our first two days, we have discussed the Biblical foundations of relationship, what deep relationship looks like, barriers to relationship, our own orphan hearts (and how that affects relationship), and relating with wounded hearts to others with wounded hearts.

There is much more to come (three more days of Envisioning). We would appreciate your prayers that we will all be able to receive all God has for us.

– Tal Anderson