Alaska Team Report

Dear Family, Friends, Brothers & Sisters in Christ

It has been my great pleasure and privilege, to serve our Lord Jesus for many years, both here and in Uganda. As I said, this 2012 mission trip was to be my last. I have spent the last 10 days recuperating from this journey. It has also been a great privilege to serve Jesus on your behalf, as so many of you, through sacrificial giving and prayer have made this possible.
As in the other mission trips many lives were changed, by receiving Jesus as Savior, safe drinking water, food, clothing, and medical attention from a loving, caring group of short term missionaries. Thanks to all of you for your part.
We know of at least 40+ men and women that gave their lives to Jesus. Hundreds of salvation tracts in the Uganda language were passed out in jails, prisons, medical outreach ministries, and those we came in contact with. Only God will know the results of this work. 13 water systems were installed giving safe water about 5000 people. With the help of Michael, we were able to find water well drilling sites for many missionary organizations. Our team treated about 2000 people for medical issues that have no other way of being treated. Our team placed 51 people in hospitals, for things that could not be done in the field, like surgery, and x-rays. These needs were all paid for by our team, through the funds that were raised for this mission. We had 18 missionaries + Joy, Steve, Joel, Dan, Godfrey and Caleb and some others from Kasana that did an awesome medical outreach. (Thank you Jesus for these dedicated people.) We spent $2500. in country for meds to treat these people. We traveled 100’s of miles on very bad roads to
do the work that the Lord had placed before us, with Satan trying to hinder us in ways I could never imagine, (1 Jn 4:4 but greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world) PTL. We also followed the team from The Crossing in Birchwood that did an awesome job before us, PTL for them!
I am going to close this Uganda 2012 report by giving honor to those that served on this missionary outreach.
From Alaska: Dr Davidhizer, Amanda Davidhizer, Jim Lawler, Sherry Steele, Lina Hoffman, Aaron Inks, & Gary Calhoun.
From Hawaii: Pastor David & Sharon Johnson, Lisa Cronk, Craig & Danaille Eggleston, Pat & Joe Wheeler, & Heidi Scharfenberg.
From Michigan: Michael Kaminski, & Seth Todd
From Indiana: Jean Hollis
From Uganda: Pastor Okoth, Caleb, Gabe, Joel, Joy, Steve, Dan, & Godfrey. If I missed any please forgive me.
To God be the glory great things He has done.
The 2012 Uganda Team