Age Appropriate “Battles”

We want every child at New Hope to feel like a part of the family. This can be very difficult based on the child’s past. One of the most important first steps is trying to “replace what has been lost”. The sons and daughters we work with are often struggling with identity, security, and other relationship issues. We seek to allow God to work through us to provide the love, care, discipline, and support they need. When those things take root and the child becomes free to give of themselves, it is such a blessing to see. A few weeks ago, our church service was put on by the youth and I felt proud of the Worcester family kids who helped lead. We strongly believe in putting our young into age appropriate “battles”.

 When we give our young the opportunity to lead a church service, or put on a Vacation Bible School in a local village, or serve as tutors for the former child soldiers we are working with at our Kobwin Children’s Center up north, it helps them grow and it teaches them to rely on the Lord in a way that no words or teaching can ever do. Still in recent self-evaluation, we realize that we are not challenging our young adults enough. It is something that we continue to work on.

– Tal Anderson