A Family For Babies

Back in 1999 Matthew and Julie Shorack took seven babies into their home, into their family and shared the hope of Jesus. Since that day, over 40 babies have passed through the unique place that is Hope House. Some of them have been reunited with their family, some have been adopted and some have joined our family groups here at New Hope.

Last June, we had the privilege of joining the New Hope family here at Kasana. We are now overseeing the work of Hope Family and look forward to developing the care and provision that we can offer to these precious babies.

Hope House is now Hope Family
We have changed the name from Hope House to Hope Family and this is because we recognise that words are amazing things!!! We all know that words whether spoken or written can wield unusual power, they can be both positive and negative. We desire to speak positively and truthfully over these little ones and let them know that when they join Hope Family, they are no longer alone but are in a family that will love, care and protect them. Here at New Hope we know that family is important to God, we had seven families, now we have eight!

As this new year began Hope Family had a pretty large growth spurt! We had 3 new babies join us all in a very short time – Carol came to us having spent five weeks in hospital being treated for severe malnutrition. She was found by a visiting New Hope team in the nearby village having been abandoned by her mother. Elderly, sick grandparents were struggling to take care of her and she weighed in at just 3.4Kg, being 12 months of age. Here at Hope Family, she is making good progress and putting on plenty of weight! We are delighted that her father, although very young, has taken some responsibility for her. He is coming on a weekly basis to Hope Family to work in the compound and spend time with his little girl!

Mary came to us over the Christmas period. She is 5 months old and currently with us because her mother is critically ill in hospital with a heart condition. There are no other family members to care for mother or baby and the church here at Kasana is supporting with medical bills as well as spiritual support. We have been taking Mary regularly into the hospital to see her mother!

Our youngest member of the family is Saul who came to us at just one week old. He was collected from the local police station just before New Year’s Eve following a dispute and disagreement about who the mother was. Sadly as more information came it seemed that the mother was ‘lending’ out her new baby to another woman in order to made some money and both women have now been charged with 64 months in custody.

As you can tell we are pretty busy here at Hope Family and now up to our maximum number of babies. We have had to turn abandoned babies away in the past when we had no room and we are praying that we will not have to do that again in the near future. More importantly we are looking forward to the completion of our new baby

The new Hope Family house - still in need of funds for completion.

 home for Hope Family, which will house up to 20 little ones, as well as accommodating more staff members. We still have a long way to go with fund raising although the building work is progressing well. We are praying in faith that the money will arrive over the next few weeks and months so that construction work can be completed by August!

A very big thank you to all of our existing supporters and all those who sponsor Hope Family. We are also so grateful to all those who have made donations towards the new build. Thank you!

Stu & Sarah Dendy – Hope Family

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