25th Reunion – More Thoughts on Day 1

Letter from NHU Founder and Director Jay Dangers

30 August, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

DSC_0011Thank you all so much for your prayers and the many emails of encouragement as we headed into this momentous family reunion!  It really has meant a lot to us to know you are praying.

We are now one evening and one day into the reunion and it has already been a great blessing.  We have been surprised at some of the people who have come and the testimonies that are coming in!  God has really been at work in their lives while they have been away from us!  The seed planted here years ago has continued to bear fruit!

One young man who left upset with us because some visitor proposed that he go to America with him. When we heard about it, we were flatly against it for a large number of very significant reasons – but that made us the bad guys who were in the way of his ticket to “paradise”.  So he left. We hadn’t seen him since and that is about 12 years. Now he is back with his whole heart and thanking the LORD that He came to faith here!

Another young man left in wild rebellion and inner turmoil because his mother refused to tell him who his father was and the pain and lack of identity ate him up.  Today he is back with his DSC_0008wife and daughter and a testimony of the LORD’s goodness to him! I can’t say how much it meant to us to have him back in the family!    Over and over again when I mentioned his return to any of his peers, their comment was, “Oh, but that one was stubborn!” In American English that means hard-headed and rebellious.  He himself laughs and says and agrees, but says that is the past.  It truly is past. And I am amazed at his obvious and genuine love for his wife and daughter!

I’ll try to give more updates as in the next couple of days if possible.

Thanks again for the prayers!  We need them! And He is answering them.

Goodbye for now.

In Christ Alone,