What’s Up on the Weekend?

Usually as people head into the weekend, we think of what we will do with our time away form a job or school.  So, what do Kasana kids do on the weekend for “fun”.  By the way, you don’t hear people here talk about what they are going to do for “fun”.  They just do it as it fits in.

First of all, Friday afternoon, usually means lots of washing of clothing is going on.  Then, there is a wide and varied array of clothing to be seen everywhere for the next day or so as everything dries.  Ironing comes later and gets squeezed in there and there, as most family groups have one coal iron( known as a ‘pas’ ).  Then, you can see random football games going on, even netball ( a game somewhat like basketball for the girls).  Girls play football, too, but usually not on teams, just I small games in their compounds.

What I love is the creativity of kids at play and even more, the universality of play.  For example, we don’t have mud pies, but mud chapaties.  Anything round can become a steering wheel for make-believe vehicles and little boys worldwide seem to be able to make vehicle noises at the youngest of ages!  And, even juice boxes can become cars with racing engines.  Yep, anomonapia is very universal!!

There are some other very creative exams I have seen of late that I thought you would enjoy. One is the train of children connected by ropes of banana fibers, with a driver and conductor – just like our Matatus (van taxis) here!  There is the make -shift jungle gym: the rack on my “new” truck that is meant for a tarp.  Jumping into the thick grass behind where the truck is parked can go on for seemingly forever and day after day. But, my favorite is the “African Slip and Slide” .  I asked the kids in Jonathan family to wash the tarp for the truck.  Their eyes lit up and smiles crept in. “Yes, Jajja, we will do it!”   I kept a serious face and thanked them for being willing, knowing exactly what they were thinking of this task for a hot Saturday afternoon.  This is not the first tarp they have washed but this time, they chose the steeper of the two hills in our family, with joyous results!  And, the tarp got very clean.  Thank you Father that you bring joy in unexpected ways, continually!

– Constance Dobbs