“Hands to Work, Hearts to Love”

The girls all showing their finished products (headbands, necklaces, and bracelets)! Now they're ready for the Tea Party!

Alea Haywood (age 10) loves to sew and make crafts. For months before her family’s trip to New Hope to meet the ten students they sponsor, she was planning ideas of activities she could do with the 5 girls. She had recently learned to finger knit (with yarn) and thought that would be a fun craft for them to all do together, so she packed a bag of different colored yarn to bring along. On their “girls only” day, Alea taught them all how to make headbands, bracelets, and necklaces by knitting with their fingers. All 5 girls were very focused on their work and proud of their finished products. They loved learning a new skill and making something pretty that they could wear to the fancy Tea Party Alea had planned for them!

submitted by her mom, Anissa

p.s. We told one of the girls it would be a great craft she could teach the rest of the girls in Calvary Family, and they could make headbands to sell as an extra business!