Chronological, Historical Change Through Reading

By Nabagesera Jessica, Investment Year Coordinator, NHU Staff since July 2005

[quote]Keep reading, keep reading…[/quote]

This new slogan, which has recently replaced the traditional “they say”, is now the talk of many of our secondary school students. I have picked it up myself because it is a mark of history in our nation.

This is the result of the ongoing campaign here in the New Hope community to all read through the Bible chronologically over the next year and a half. When it clock strikes 10:30, a reminder bell rings and all work and school comes to a stop; its Bible reading time… Amazing.

Children and staff all get out their Bible.

I mean, everyone gets down to serious reading of the Word. Even the pre-schoolers look out their classroom windows waiting for who is coming to tell them the story of the Bible for that day.

You may wonder how and why this a big deal and worth of sharing. Culturally, as Africans, we are not so keen with reading. I mean, we read maybe for exams and things like that, but it is much easier for us to sit and listen to a speech or sermon for three hours than to sit and do focused reading for 30 minutes. Secondly, we usually get facts of life and truths (even the Word) passed on to us through other people, like elders.

It is easier to believe something because “they say” than to take the trouble to find out for oneself.

But this is not the case anymore here, especially with the children. They are now eagerly digging into the Word and getting amazed by the truth they are discovering for themselves. They are so proud about the new venture whereby they do not have to believe something from the Word of God because so-and-so said so… but because they have beheld it themselves.

Please pray for us that the Word of God does not stay in our heads but gets to our hearts; pray for a Godly people in a Godly nation as we keep reading, keep reading…