Introducing New Hope Uganda Ministries (U.S.) Staff

It has been a year of growth and change in our U.S. office, New Hope Uganda Ministries!  God, in His faithfulness, has provided a great team. As a result, we hope to serve you and our ministries in fruitful and helpful ways as we move into the future. Please feel free to contact us with any of your ministry needs, questions or if you just want to connect!


The U.S. team with spouses (minus Ty & Lucy) and Jay, Vicki, and Jennie Dangers.

Johnny Karls        


Title: NHUM Board member and Interim President

Primary Job responsibilities: The position of NHUM President is to glorify God by prayerfully taking the lead in building, managing, and increasing the capacity of NHUM, investing in donor relations and increasing fundraising, ensuring financial accountability and ministry excellence, recruiting and developing NHUM staff, and seeing that NHU (In Uganda) is supported in the recruitment and care of missionaries.

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries? Since I was first exposed to NHU in 2005, I was impressed. Meeting the God fearing and faith filled staff was the first positive experience. Secondly, when I learned that the heart of the ministry is to empower (rather than entitle) I was hooked. I’ve seen so many examples of changed lives and of course that has encouraged me to contribute to the cause of bringing God’s love and truth to as many individuals as possible. I consider this to be a great privilege.

Where are you from?     Montana for my first 20 years, Los Angeles for the next 20 years, now 10 years in Colorado.

Where did you go to college? Undergrad: Montana State University, Graduate School: Talbot at Biola

Family: Kathleen (Married 22 yrs), Jonah 21, Grace 19, Lissa 15, Kenny 13

Hobbies/interests: Theology, learning, growing, the outdoors, the family, travel, adventure.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM: To impact with the gospel as many lives as possible, but in Africa and the west.

Favorite memory from a trip to Uganda: Meeting Jay and Vicki in Uganda in 2005, and then again (by total divine providence) here in Colorado in 2006; the odds of this happening are off the charts. It’s such a joy to watch God be sovereign.


Bridget Jensen 


Title: Executive Assistant to the President

Primary Job Responsibilities: Assist the president with administration and donor relations.

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries? I love our heart for the fatherless and the focus on receiving the deepest love and acceptance from our heavenly Father. I also appreciate the wise way that New Hope has implemented their mission. The leadership is also willing to grow, change, confess and trust God for the future.

Where are you from? Palos Verdes Estates, California, but I’ve lived in Colorado for 30 years.

Where did you go to college? I graduated from UCLA, but went to UC Santa Barbara for my first 2 years. I accepted Christ at UCLA and then was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ.

My family: My husband Dan (married 25 years), Luke (21), Caleb (19) at CSU, Josiah (16) and Jake (14)

Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, photography and scrap-booking, sewing, coffee with friends, gardening, biking, tennis, and my children’s sports.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM:

In addition to helping the president and NHU to move to the next level, building meaningful relationships with donors and staff, taking short term missions trips to Uganda, helping to find sponsors for our children, and inputting helpful information into our database!

Favorite memories from a trip to Uganda: I just returned from my first trip to Uganda! One of my favorite memories is meeting my new sponsor child, Stella. I was able to spend numerous days with her and go to her home (she said “I will dream about you tonight!”). Also, getting to know the wonderful missionaries and Ugandan staff that make New Hope such a bit of heaven on earth.  Another special memory was making headbands with about 50 girls at Kasana and the time I spent with them.  I also volunteered in the classroom where I saw the children and teachers in action! Overall, I was impressed and moved.  I’m so blessed to be a part of NHUM!


Josiah Dangers  


Title:  Director of Missionary Care and Development

Primary Job Responsibilities: Creating and implementing systems that will ensure health for our missionaries.

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries?  So many things.  The commitment to the Gospel and to seeing the Gospel transform communities.

Where are you from?  Born in CA, grew up at New Hope

Where did you go to college? John Brown University

My family:  Wife of 12 years: Autum.  Kids: Malakai 9, Owen 8, Asher 5, Barrett 3.  (and son of Jay and Vicki Dangers).

Hobbies/Interests: music (particularly worship leading), anything outdoors with my wife and boys, elk hunting.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM : I have a heart to see our missionaries and staff flourish in their relationships with the Lord, with each other, and in their professional roles.  When that happens, the fatherless will experience the Fatherhood of God.

Favorite memory from a trip to Uganda: When I was able to connect with all of the foreign staff during a recent retreat.


Carly Winterstein      


Title: Administrative Director and U.S. Sponsorship Coordinator

Primary Job Responsibilities: Oversee administration and U.S. sponsorship.  My job is to find the next sponsor!

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries?

I love the mission, “to bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless”.  We not only meet the immediate needs of the children, but desire to address the root of the problem of fatherlessness in Uganda.  We want to care for the whole child to the point that they are one day Godly men and women that can bring the Fatherhood of God to those around them.

Where are you from?  I grew up in Fargo ND and Oshkosh WI.

Where did you go to college?  I received my bachelor’s degree double major in Global Studies and Psychology at Concordia College in Moorhead MN.  I enjoyed playing in the Concordia College Orchestra, leading a CRU bible study, and working at a local homeless shelter part-time during my college years.

My Family: I met my husband techy genius husband, Robert, on our first trip to Kasana in 2011.  He now generously donates some time to help with NHUM technology needs in addition to working in IT for a company in Rapid City.  Our son, Soren is 2 years old and we have a baby girl Guenevere (6 months).  I enjoy working at home with my kiddos!

Hobbies/Interests:  Music/violinist, painting, cooking, and hiking.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM:

My heart has always been for missions and particularly Uganda for the past decade or so.  It’s a long story of God working in my heart through the years.  I think He was preparing me for my current role.  I’m excited about what He has in store for my future and for NHUM.  With our new staff and renewed excitement this year, I’m optimistic that we will be able to share this ministry with many more in the U.S.  I have a heart for sharing NHU’s story and ministry with others.  I also would particularly like to see all our children sponsored.

Favorite memories from a trip to Uganda:

Getting to know our sponsor child.  He came to the guest house every night and we taught him one of our favorite games, Dutch Blitz.  Also, spending time with his family group and Robert leading a devotion about Job.  The family father shared about his own Job experience and how faithful God has been to him.  Meeting our sponsor child and building a relationship with him, but also his family, has been a joy and my favorite aspect of sponsorship!


Corinne Mattingly


Title: Bookkeeper

Primary Job Responsibilities:  Oversee all aspects of finances including payroll, accounts payable, board reports and all international transactions and disbursements.

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries? I love how their vision has never wavered to bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless.  Everyone seems united behind this vision.

Where are you from?  I was born in New Jersey, spent some time in the Virgin Islands, several years in Southern California, and now Colorado.

Where did you go to college? Ramapo College of New Jersey

Family: My husband is Chip.  He is the Outreach and Connections Pastor at Mountain Springs Church.  My daughter, Kierra, is 21 years old and is a Nursing Major at Oklahoma Baptist University and will graduate with her BSN in May, 2017.

Hobbies/Interests: Anything outside.  I love to hike, ski, water ski, swim, camp.  I also like to cook, sew, entertain, and read.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM: I would like to see God bless the ministry tremendously this year to be able to update the many old buildings and infrastructure at Kasana.  I would also love to see the clinic at Musana operational.

Favorite memories from a trip to Uganda: We went to pray for a woman with cancer that the team had been ministering to for quite a while.  I do believe she was able to receive the care she needed thanks to the Musana Team and has conquered her cancer.

Email address:

Ty Bloom


Title: Marketing Consultant

Primary Job Responsibilities:  I assist the NHUM office in developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the organization.

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries?

I love to see how God uses the organization to give hope to his broken sons and daughters. We have a staff that is passionate about caring for orphaned hearts. It is a beautiful thing to see how God works through them.

Where are you from?  Taylor, ND

Where did you go to college? I am a senior at North Dakota State University. I’ll graduate in the spring.

My family: Hank and Rhonda are my parents, and I have an older brother named Evan.

Hobbies/Interests: Photography a hobby and part-time job for me.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM:

I am passionate about telling stories of how the gospel of Jesus impacts lives. New Hope Uganda gives me ample opportunity to do that. God works in amazing ways through the staff and missionaries at New Hope Uganda and the world should know about it.

Favorite memories from a trip to Uganda:

When I served on a team in 2013, Uncle Alex invited me into his home, he asked me deep heart level questions, and prayed over me. I was deeply humbled by his selflessness and love for me. God used that moment to draw me closer to himself. It was ironic for me to be on the other side of the globe with the purpose to serve and I was the one being ministered to.

Email address:

Lucy Cole


Title: Processing Donations

Primary Job Responsibilities: Sorting mail and entering the appropriate information, depositing all online and mail donations.

What do you love about New Hope Uganda Ministries?

I love the compassionate hearts of the people involved and their earnest, thoughtful desire to glorify Christ with this ministry. I love how NHUM reminds me that God can do mighty things with weak, flawed, seemingly-insignificant people. He is not limited by our pasts or our circumstances!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. In addition to my part time work for NHUM, I also teach piano lessons and work as an optometric technician for Dr. James Trimble with whom I’ve had the privilege of doing eye clinics on two separate trips to Uganda.

My Family: My family consists of one ingenious, visionary, Father (Doug); one elegant, purposeful, Mother (Nancy); one super cool, hard-working, older Brother (Chauncey); and one creative, kind-hearted, Sister-in-Law (Abigail). We all reside in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Hobbies/Interests   I’m zealous about reflecting Christ through music and the arts. Hobbies? Books, books, books. Also, tea-drinking and watching classic films.

Dreams and what you specifically have a heart for with NHUM

Being a recipient of the marvel of adoption myself, I feel intensely passionate about the mission of showing the Father’s heart to the orphaned and fatherless. I’m so excited to see what all the Lord has in store for this ministry and to get to be a part of a tiny corner of that!

Favorite memory from a trip to Uganda

How would I ever begin to pick? A few that jump to mind: meeting my sponsor child and hearing more of his story; spontaneously worshipping Jesus on the front porch of the Kasana Guest House with fellow believers from three different continents (Africa, Europe, and North America); praying with a young, village mother and her precious, blind, baby girl; because of the common ground of Jesus, feeling like I was Home even though I was half way across the world.


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