STEER programs invest in the Great Commission

This fall, two NHUM Donor Relations team members attended the STEER Annual Missions Conference in Bismark, ND. We have a long-standing partnership with STEER, and this was an excellent opportunity to build relationships with the farmers and ranchers who partner with STEER, Inc. We had a booth at the conference and made a short presentation about New Hope Uganda’s mission to an audience of about 500.

STEER, Inc. is a mission minded group within the cattle and farming industry that supports mission agencies aimed at reaching the unreached. The organization acts as the conduit between donor, rancher/farmer, and mission agency.

Donor investors choose a participating mission agency and provide the money for STEER, Inc. to purchase a Unit. STEER works to find a rancher/farmer to care for your Unit, whether livestock or crop. Units are protected and guaranteed by the insurance fund.

The most popular STEER program is the Cow/Calf Program.
Partner ranchers are responsible for choosing the specific project the proceeds will fund, donating feed, and caring for the cow and her calf. When it comes time to sell the calf, the money goes to STEER, Inc. to be transferred to the designated partner mission agency. 90% of the profits go directly to the mission agency while 10% are held to cover insurance costs, depreciation, and administrative expenses.

This offspring cycle can repeat itself up to 10-12 times in a cow’s life, multiplying the donor’s initial investment substantially. When the cow gets old, it is replaced through the insurance policy and the nurturing cycle starts again.

There are several programs ranchers and farmers can participate in. To learn how you can participate in the Great Commission by partnering with STEER, visit their website.


NHUM booth at 2017 STEER Annual Missions Conference


We are proud to be a mission agency partner of STEER, Inc. If you are interested in donating to a STEER, Inc. program, please visit their donor page or contact them for more information.