Musana Christmas Celebrations!

Musana Camps has used Christmas as a time to reach out to the community for the past couple of years. Here are reports from the 2016 events!

Church Christmas
The 18th of Dec. brought much excitement to our Sunday school children as they listened to a Bible story from our guest speaker who did hands-on teaching using balloons. It was so fun for our children.

Each then received their Christmas gift of new shoes or a blanket. It is a blessing to be able to give the children something that is needed and puts a smile on their face. Each year donations are given to bless our children with a Christmas gift, and it’s exciting to see the gratitude in their hearts after receiving something they don’t have but is a “need”.

There was then juice, cakes and cookies for everyone who attended church that day – over 350 people but most of them were children. We pray that each person who came on Sunday will come to experience God as their Heavenly Father. It is only Jesus who will give the love, joy and peace that each of us needs!

The children in attendance

Staff Christmas Party
Dec. 22nd began with excitement and the delicious smell of food cooking coming from the campsite kitchen. All hands were busy preparing for our fun afternoon of eating and activities.
While we were enjoying our meal the traditional water fight began…people grabbed their plates and tried finishing their food quickly, before it was soaked with water that was coming from all directions. There was then drumming, dancing and much laughter. If you did not get wet that day then it was by some miracle because there were certain people who made sure not a person went home dry. It was a fun day of celebration and thankfulness of God’s goodness and protection over our staff during 2016.

Christmas Bins
Some staff gathered together to fill 40 bins of items as a gift from Musana Community Church, to bless widows, single mothers or elderly in our community on Dec. 23rd. Each bin contained rice, sugar, oil, gnut paste, bread, salt, potatoes, onions, soap and homemade cookies. We want to help make Christmas day exciting to those who have an extra burden and might not have anything special to eat on Christmas day.

After filling bins we split into 3 groups to distribute the bins in the community surrounding Musana Camps. It’s exciting and rewarding to see the smiles on faces and thankfulness of those who received the gift. It is so true what  Acts 20:35 says….”it is more blessed to give then to receive.”  

Photos and text submitted by Angela Blank, missionary community worker at Musana Camps