This year, New Hope Uganda has a goal of finding 300 new sponsors for children and the Ugandan missionaries who serve them.  One of the most powerful ways to encourage others to sponsor a child is through real life testimonies of those who already sponsor.

As this year begins, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to help us with our goal in this most effective way through a “Tell-a-Friend Campaign”.  This May and June you can partner with us by simply sharing your sponsorship testimonial with others and you also have the opportunity to receive an exciting prize.

Our goal is to gain 100 new sponsors with this campaign.  We are excited to announce these prize levels for those who help us find more sponsors.

Level 1

5 Sponsors = Live call with your sponsor child’s family group parents or extension worker.

Level 2

10 Sponsors = Room & board covered to meet your sponsor child.

Level 3

20 Sponsors = Airfare covered to meet your sponsor child.

Level 4

30 Sponsors = Room, board, and transportation covered to meet your sponsor child.

Submit Participation and Testimonial

  • An address is required to receive your participation gift.
  • You will also receive a bookmark made by our special needs class and a New Hope Uganda sticker.
  • Some ideas: Planning or hosting an event - Sharing your sponsorship testimonial by speaking at an event, through a video, the NHU blog, your personal blog, or social media. - Meeting with some friends one on one to share about New Hope Uganda and sponsorship opportunities. - Emailing some friends about New Hope Uganda and sponsorship opportunities. - Sharing New Hope Uganda's social media posts about sponsorship and inviting your friends to like our FB page or to follow our Instagram.