Simon Katabazi – Ugandan Missionary Spotlight

At New Hope, the Ugandan staff form the backbone of the daily operations, working as missionaries in their own country. While they receive salaries from the ministry, it is usually less than they could be making with another employer–so service with New Hope is a sacrifice for them. They would be greatly blessed by the encouragement and financial support of a relationship with a sponsor!

I grew up partly with my mum and step dad who passed when I was about 13. My real dad last saw me when I was 2 years and since then, we have never seen each other. I am the last born of 11 kids and was mainly raised by my mum and did not get to see my step siblings until in late childhood years. Currently, I have three step sisters and step brothers.

My life was indeed a total mess and headed for disaster while I was lost and in sin. I started getting some ungodly influences and really started making wrong choices such as drinking and smoking a bit! I had even started hating school and resenting discipline and authority.

Simon at his desk

I was introduced to the gospel by my elder sisters when I was about 6 or 7 and made the decision to believe in the Lord. I did not really take it seriously in the beginning because I was never followed up with and discipled. It wasn’t until I was in P.6 [5th grade] at the age of 15 that I recommitted my life to the Lord during a meeting that happened near the village where I was living. This happened after watching the Jesus film and praying the sinners prayer at the end of the film.

Simon speaking to assembly.

My life has really changed greatly since I recommitted my life to the Lord. I came to really know Him as a Dad and friend through prayer and studying His word. I started desiring Him and His ways as opposed to desiring worldly things and ways.

Simon celebrating his birthday with others born in March

I came to NHU in July 1995. I have a few roles here at NHU. These include the following: Being a father to my five biological children and many spiritual sons and daughters (staff and children), a husband to one beautiful wife, an elder at the church, head teacher of the primary school, and head of the education department.

My time at NHU has changed me in a number of ways that include spiritually, socially, physically, and financially. As Jacob said, “ I came with my staff but look at what I have….” I would say that I also came in with my kaveera (plastic bag) but look at what I have now i.e. I have been fathered into a true redeemed man of God and indeed God has blessed me so much with property but more so with wonderful family relationships that I will also cherish! I would say, I came as a physical and spiritual orphan but I am so thankful to now be a son and a father to many.

Now I am married to my wife Noeline Katabazi and God has blessed us with 5 adorable biological children (Sammy, Solomon, Sarah, Shalom and Shamah) and He has also given us scores of spiritual sons and daughters as a result of our ministry within NHU. I have many dependents in addition to my family of 7, I have another family of 6 that I care for as my elder brother became jobless seven years ago and abandoned his 5 children and wife. The eldest girl, Namuli Daniella, has completed S.6 [12th grade] last year and Lord willing, she will be beginning university. The second is a boy of 15 in S.3 [9th grade] and the others are in P.7, P.5 and P.3 [6th grade, 5th grade, & 2nd grade]. I also care for my elder sister who is quite sickly.

Simon & his family.

The following are our current prayer requests as a family:

  • Spiritual growth and development for us and our children.
  • God’s rich provisions to cover all the financial needs as a family even as we organize our forthcoming thanksgiving ceremony due on May 6th.
  • God’s favor, wisdom, and guidance as I lead in the different roles.
  • God’s protection over all our children both at EEVPS and NHA.

Please consider sponsoring Uncle Simon or one of the many other Ugandan missionaries serving with New Hope!