New Hope Academy Bike Race

The girls line up for their race.

The girls line up for their race.

On a hot Friday afternoon, eight contestants lined up, feet on their bike pedals, ready to begin. February 20 marked the date of the bicycle races at New Hope Academy. Shortly after two o’clock, the first race began. The girls went first, along a route that runs to Kiwoko, a town a few kilometers away, and back. Following them in a car was Nancy Kirsch, the Kasana Manager, to make sure everyone followed the route. Along with the car were a number of support bikes ridden by classmates and friends.

Namuyiga Lorreen finishes first in the girls' race.

Namuyiga Lorreen finishes first in the girls’ race.

About fifteen minutes after the race began, the first biker rolled across the finish line, got off her bike, and collapsed on the ground. The collapse was over dramatized, and Namuyiga Lorreen, the winner of the girl’s race, enjoyed her victory with her friends. A few minutes later, Birungi Josephine arrived at the finish line, followed by Birungi Rachel and Nanyombi Christine. Nakasale Francisca came fifth, and Nalawombe Lillian had a bike failure and had to be picked up by a car.

Once the girls had finished, it was time for the boys’ race. Run along the same route with the same support vehicles, a decently sized crowd awaited the racers at the finish line, eager to see who would come out on top.

Kasajja Deimon rounds the final turn to win the boys' race.

Kasajja Deimon rounds the final turn to win the boys’ race.

When the dust cleared, Kasajja Deimon had won by a fairly large margin. Following him was Sembatya Livingstone in second, Mutebi Moses in third, Kibuuka John, in fourth, Ziwa Fred in fifth, and Kalyango Gerald in sixth.

These races are part of Friday afternoon games that take place every week at New Hope Academy. A good time was had by all on this sunny and fellowship-filled afternoon!

By Jensen Anderson, Investment Year participant