IY Handover

Last week the current Investment Year (IY – learn more here) participants handed over their ceremonial plaque, and with it all the responsibilities, opportunities, and experiences of the IY to the Secondary 4 students who had just recently completed their final exams. During this 9th IY Handover, the 2014 students were celebrated for their hard work and released to the next stages in their education.


Anthony is congratulated as he receives his certificate from Uncle Jonnes.


Aunt Jessica, the Early Adulthood Coordinator,  told one of the students who shared, “Anthony, you are my hero this year concerning IY.” As an IY repeater, Anthony spoke of the confusion he felt the first year and that he saw this second year as a chance to refocus and do the thinking again.

“Trusting God is learned over life … somethings are not learned in just one year. Things learned this year (IY) are only going to stay if we keep learning them over the years.


“God lets us fall, but He doesn’t let us go. It’s taken two years to learn that but it will take a lifetime to understand. God will start His work and with God there is no staying and no stopping. It’s just going,” shared Anthony in reflection over his two years in the IY program.

ANthony (1)Well done Anthony and all the IY finishers and congratulations to the S4 students as they begin the Investment Year. Please join us in praying for the IY graduates as they move onto careers, courses, and university studies. Please pray for the hearts and minds of those who will begin the journey next year.

ANthony (2)

Parents praying for the IY graduates.