Investment Year: Kampala

IY 2011 Team

Investment Year is in its 6th year, and over the last 5 1/2 years, over 70 young people have completed the IY

The House

 programme. The IY programme has proven to be been revolutionary in the lives of our students, turning many of them into cultural influencer and enabling them to become positive members of their families, community and nation..  

We are excited with our next step in the development of IY as we seek it to be more effective in the lives of our children. We have now made the move into the capital City of Uganda – Kampala. By relocating IY we believe we will be able to increase the opportunities for our children particularly with work internships as well as helping them with life skills such as decision making and critical thinking. We are living as a family and that is a fantastic place for learning and development.

There are 6 IY students living with us at the moment, doing a variety of internships (construction, dentist, clinic, PA) and so far so good! We are learning what it means to live as family, one of the biggest challenges is all having breakfast together at 6:30am….Now that is a challenge!!

We are very excited with what God is going to do in all of us and we take this next step with the Investment Year.