I.Y. Full House

Have just enjoyed a couple of days with a house full with 31 IYs. Another gathering for training, where we all cram into the house, IYs sharing mattresses and sleeping areas, we eat plenty of posho and (Early Adulthood Coordinator) Steve (Brown) gives input …this time there was practice at public speaking. There are other opportunities through the year but this weekend the teenagers were given a topic, a few minutes to plan, and then told to deliver a 1 minute videoed talk to the rest of the group – they are then ‘marked’ by their peers with helpful comments on how they performed.

Cooking is done – very simply – on 3 sigiris, which are kept hot pretty much the whole day: cooking beans and boiling water for tea takes time when there are 41 to cook for. We don’t do it all ourselves – I (Kathryn) am helper to Florence who comes in extra hours when we have a full house like this….

Of course there is always time to relax as well ….

by Kathryn, IY Student