Do Hard Things (IY)

Praise God! We are in the middle of our first Investment Year (IY) internship, and I have so far learned many new things. Currently we are on a study of a book called “Do Hard Things.” The young people who wrote the book are encouraging us to get out of our “comfort zones” and face the world using God as our guide.
I was among those people who wanted to always be in my comfort zone but due to this book I’m ready to move and live in my “uncomfortable zones.”

My internship is at Friends Medical Centre with Dr. Ben and he is exposing me to the world of medicine and being a doctor. He does some minor operation at his clinic and he has given me opportunities to watch him work. At first it was scary to see a person being cut on his stomach or feet and stitched up after. But now I’m getting used to it and Dr. Ben is such a helping figure to me.

Through this time in IY, I have also learned to respect former New Hope Uganda children whom I grew up seeing as fellow colleagues and now they are staff members. Before I would show on the outside that I respected them but deep in my heart I couldn’t embrace it. At the IY house in Kampala, I have come to know that I have to respect U. Kasule and A. Imma [and all people whether in authority or not] just like any other New Hope Uganda staff. By God’s help and courage, I’m expecting to learn more this year.

Be blessed,

Musisi Jeremiah