charcoal iron sealer

finished at last

nice cup of coffee

“As you know I am a coffee snob, and this coffee is great!” so said someone who had recently had some Investment Year (I.Y.) coffee.

“Everyone’s a winner”- For every bag we sell of our coffee, IY benefits financially but also and maybe more importantly the many skills that running a business can teach you; marketing, budgeting, customer services, handling money and helping us to develop and encourage self sufficiency in our children.
The process of packaging the coffee starts with buying 60kgs (132lbs) from our supplier in Kampala and bringing it home in the car (by the time we reach home the very strong smell of coffee has filled the car!), we then pack it in ½ kg (1lb) bags and seal them with a charcoal iron. (The iron has proved to be much better than a ‘proper’ heat sealer! One final step is to put on the labels and to put some in our special gift bags. We then all rest and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

– Steve Brown, Early Adulthood Coordinator