Hope Family


Mission: To care for orphaned, abandoned and special needs infants in keeping with the ultimate mission of “bringing the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless”.

■  To lavish love on those who have been tossed aside by the world with the love of God
■  To place orphaned and abandoned children into loving families
■  To reach out to families with babies in the community by supporting them with the provision of milk formula, basic baby care items, and training.


Hope Family, began in 1999 when Matthew and Julie Shorack took seven babies into their home.  Since that day, over 35 babies have passed through Hope Family – some of them have been reunited with their family, some have been adopted and some have joined our family groups here at New Hope. Stu and Sarah Dendy, from the UK, are now overseeing the care of Hope Family.

Our baby home was originally named ‘Hope House’ after one of our first babies here, Hope, who eventually sadly died after battling illness. Just recently we have madea slight change in the name to ‘Hope Family’ and this is because we recognise that words are powerful things!!! We desire to speak positively and truthfully over these little ones and let them know that when they join Hope Family, they are no longer alone but are in a family that will love, care and protect them. Here at New Hope we know that family is important to God, we had seven family groups, now we have eight!

Hope Family is the only place in the district of Nakaseke providing care for abandoned or orphaned babies and toddlers. We also offer outreach support to families and parents in the local community who are struggling to care for their baby.

We are blessed to currently have three full-time ladies working with us as family mothers, as well as four faithful ladies who get through the many nappies, clothes washing, ironing and food preparation!

The hope family house has capacity for around 18 babies but also uses the space to offer Hope Family staff housing and short-term housing & support for new mothers with vulnerable or sick infants.

Hope Family Sponsorship

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