Department Description: We strive to efficiently and cost effectively build and maintain the growing infrastructure that keeps the New

Hope family sheltered, educated, fed, and loved on.

Areas and Responsibility:

The New Hope Uganda Construction Department is specifically responsible for the following areas:

• New Construction
• Procure plans
• Estimate
• Contract
• Manage
• Purchase materials
• Maintenance
• Roads and site drainage
• Plumbing and water systems
• Electrical
• Buildings
• Vehicles and generators
• Stocks and stores: This area reports directly to accounts, but works closely with construction to ensure proper accounting of stored materials and timely delivery of needed materials.


Local contractors are hired for each major building project. Short-term, volunteer labor is also utilized when available.

Those Served By Construction:

Construction serves the entire body of New Hope in any aspect requiring their assistance. We manage the construction of new buildings to meet expanding staff housing needs, school buildings so our children can learn in a safe and quiet environment, and other service oriented structures such as our clinic or administration blocks.

Income Generating Activities:

  • Construction does not generate money that directly benefits the on-going work of New Hope Uganda. We do however support the surrounding community in many ways by providing almost constant employment for many contractors and their laborers.
  • We purchase many of our construction materials such as wood, sand, bricks, and stones from local suppliers, thereby providing income for these families and the businesses they support. We also purchase ready-made materials via the Kiwoko hardware store, consequently supporting the businesses in our general area.

Accomplishments: July ’09- June ‘10





  • Contracts re-written to improve standard of construction and more effectively communicate contractual requirements
  • Estimating system developed to fine tune labor and material costs, to reduce material waste and communicate project to donors
  • Job descriptions developed
  • Accounting and material tracking system streamlined



  • Water meter installation project
  • Road repairs and drainage
  • New Gutters and heavy duty screens for staff housing
  • Guesthouse Cistern Repair and Expansion

Specific Needs
There are many needs that can greatly assist in the completion of our construction projects. Proper tools for the job can great increase the quality and efficiency with which construction tasks are carried out. A few of these tools will be listed with their direct benefits.


Construction Vehicle:
The purchase of small pickup truck with a dump bed would greatly increase the efficiency of construction through timely transport of materials within New Hope’s property.  Value: $8000.


Concrete Barrel Mixer:
This tool will greatly increase the purity of the concrete by reducing the amount of organic material that is introduced into the concrete during mixing on bare ground. It will also increase the consistency of the concrete by providing an even and unchanging mixing procedure. Value: $2,000.


Hand Powered Mechanical Gravel Machine:
This tool can serve as a micro-enterprise operation for local stone breakers, but will also provide a more consistent stone size than is possible via the hand held hammer method. It can also serve to increase production of stones thereby providing the opportunity for outside sale of stones for the stone breakers. Value: $4,000.

Water Supply: Consistent water supply for the various job-sites has proven to be a challenge, especially during dry season, when the available water supply is prioritized to serve the drinking and washing needs of our staff and children, as it very well should. In addition, utilizing water from the electric boreholes taxes the pump unnecessarily and reduces the longevity of potable water system. Replacement of these pumps is very expensive, and their use should be regulated to extend their usable life. Therefore it would be beneficial to construct cisterns on buildings that have large roof space but do not currently have cisterns to catch their water (secondary cafeteria). This water could then be pumped into our portable water tanks and carried to the job sites.            Value: $5,000


Donate to Construction Equipment


Short Term Goals (1 year)

• Streamline construction processes to save costs and increase efficiency and quality of construction process at NHU
• Streamline administrative processes to save time and increase effectiveness of management
• Implement staff training program to create effective managers capable of managing construction independently
• Create opportunities for community micro-enterprises supporting production of quality construction materials and craftsmanship (i.e. a better gravel maker, higher quality bricks, clean sand, refined carpentry)
• Complete master-plan for Kasana Children’s Center, primary and secondary sites
• Create master-plan for New Hope’s Pastoral Training Center
• Create and publish the New Hope Standard Building Code
• Install bore-hole at Kobwin with Solar powered pump

Long Term Goals (20 years)

• Continue providing the construction management needed for the future expansion and growth of each area of New Hope Uganda’s ministry.
• Improve the standard of construction in the rural areas of Uganda to provide safe and durable housing.
• Acquire local funding sources for continued construction (i.e. product and monetary donations, grants, local short term teams, etc.)
• Empower laborers and contractors to procure, construct, and finish the highest quality work in their respective trades, to the Glory of God.
• Complete the 100% buildout of Kasana’s master plans.
• Complete the 50% buildout of Kobwin’s master plans.
• Complete the 50% buildout of Musana Camp’s master plans.
• Develop independent, for-profit, construction company that exists to support New Hope Uganda’s ministry and train professional craftsmen in God-honoring craftsmanship.

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