Kobwin Children’s Center: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

New Hope Uganda’s ministry to eastern Uganda started in 2008 as a response to the violence in the area caused by Kony and the LRA. In March 2010, we opened Kobwin Children’s Center to care for some of the young people who had been kidnapped.

Kobwin children.

Kobwin children.

Many of those who originally entered our care have now completed their education or are in the final stages. In more recent years, the Kobwin staff have begun caring for younger orphaned children from the surrounding area. Currently we have 70 sons and daughters from these two categories in our care. At the beginning of this year, the staff took in 20 new children – our biggest group ever!

God has faithfully provided for Kobwin’s steady growth. In the past two years, the staff and community have been greatly blessed to both find a better outside school for our secondary students and begin construction for our first onsite primary school. We want to express our thanks to the sponsors and donors who have made this progress possible!

Kobwin school 2016 construction - needs to be finished.

Kobwin school 2016 construction – needs to be finished.

Jasper, one of our first Kobwin sons, completed a course in construction last year. He now finds work at various construction sites and sends money home to help support his family. Recently, he came back to Kobwin to join the crew building the primary school. Jasper praises God for using the Kobwin staff and supporters in his life. “Because of them, I am now among the joyous people,” he said.

Jasper with our new school.

Jasper with our new school.

Kobwin is still in need of more facilities. Currently, most of the classes on site are meeting in small administrative offices. Proper classrooms are urgently needed, or there is a chance the school may be shut down. The two classroom blocks needed will cost $22,700 each. Staff housing onsite is also very limited. We would like to build a four-plex to house four staff families, but we need $100,000 to do so. We also have 20 sons and daughters who need full sponsorship, and 12 who need co-sponsorship.

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