God’s work at Kobwin

Happy GirlYoung and old are being transformed by God’s word at Kobwin. One great example is one of our 15 year-olds who despite the fact that she tried her hardest three different times was unableHappy Family to pass 3rd grade. God is showing her that despite this, she is not a failure and that He has great plans for her.  She is now finding her God given talent for tailoring.

God has also used our Kobwin Centre to minister to a 10 year-old girl from the community with a severe heart murmur ( which was discovered at a outreach clinic held in June). She will receive a reparatory operation in Oct. Little Betty, her mother and siblings are now regular attendees at the Kobwin Community Church and were at our purity/identity in Christ retreat.

Praise God for His work at Kobwin!

By Constance Dobbs, Support Staff at Kobwin