Education: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

New Hope Uganda’s education department strives to offer excellent Biblical, vocational and academic education from preschool to Senior 4 (10th grade). The emphasis at primary level is on the children’s ability to read, write, spell, and learn basic math in order to lay a foundation enabling them to be independent learners who are grounded in the Word of God.

One of our classrooms at the primary school.

One of our classrooms at the primary school.

Most of our students have better communication skills and better understand how the world works than their peers from surrounding schools. This, combined with better character and work ethic, makes our sons and daughters more prepared for their future lives.

In the district, our schools usually rank among the top five every year, and once our Kasana primary school was the top performing school. For six of the past eight years, the secondary school has been in the top 8% of the 2,500 schools in the country.

In 2016, the Kasana schools are caring for about 400 children by teaching them, providing two meals a day, mentorship, and regularly connecting with their guardians. This is accomplished by a team of 40 staff on a budget of $115,300.


Netball – jumping for the rebound.

A big praise in 2016 was the opening of a computer lab at the Kasana secondary school. God provided for this project through a partner church in Utah. The students are very excited to have the opportunity to learn computer skills!

At Kobwin, the onsite primary school serves 80 children, while almost 25 of our older sons and daughters attend a secondary school in a neighboring town. The teachers at the secondary school appreciate their positive influence on the rest of the students! At the primary school, construction has finally begun this year on the dedicated classrooms.

Kobwin secondary school students.

Kobwin secondary school students.

Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to pray, visit, write letters to sponsored children, and donate in the form of sponsorship or other gifts. All these things go a long way in equipping us for the work we do.

Some current needs at our Kasana schools are:

  • Additional technological resources $10,375
  • Extra course books and readers    $7,353
  • Motorcycles for local transport (2)      $2,650
  • Retreat for teachers $860
  • Sports equipment and trip to Nationals $2,650
  • Landscaping                              $1,285
  • Bicycle shed                                    $295
  • Musical instruments                    $260


The primary school needs some major capital items and repairs. These include:

  • Re-roofing a classroom block                                             $7,360
  • Building an office block to free up classroom space $22,000
  • Building a storage facility for tools $1,500


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