Brick Laying in Kobwin

A student works with a trowel on his assignment.

A student works with a trowel on his assignment.

Kobwin Vocational 1

A student using a level to make sure the wall is flat.

Avoiding the sweltering heat of the sun at Kobwin Children’s Centre is not always an easy task, but gathered under the shade of a few large trees was a group of boys with piles of bricks and “local mortar”, a mixture of dirt, sand, and water.

Meet the Kobwin Primary School vocational class. They have sessions every Monday and learn from Uncle Julius. Brick-laying was the lesson on Monday, March 2. Not including a break at 10:30am and lunch, the class worked on their structures from the morning around 8am until 3:20pm.

Building along a string helped keep the walls straight, along with encouragements from Uncle Julius like, “Your house will fall down if you don’t straighten the wall!” The whole operation was very professional, with plum lines and trowels used quite expertly to create upright and sturdy walls. Brick laying is a valuable skill to know, especially with the expansion that often happens at Kobwin. One of the staff houses there was expanded by graduates of this vocational class, which goes to show how useful this can be.

Praise our heavenly Father for enabling the Kobwin staff to teach their students such a practical and useful skill!

By Jensen Anderson, Investment Year participant