Update on Aunt Ketty

ketty hug-1

Warm greetings between Aunt Ketty and a friend after her return.

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The Okoth twins thank you for your support of their mother and family.

WOW, what a journey we are on!  Some good time has passed since we last gave you an update on Aunt Ketty Okoth and her progress.  It was 30th May when she finished her first round of treatments and arrived back here in Kasana.  What an experience for her as she was able to fly from Nairobi to Entebbe–her first time in an airplane!  Flying was much better for her health and allowed her to reach Kampala in just a few hours versus 15 on the bus.

For the past three weeks she has been resting at home and recovering from the treatment she received in the first round.  Things went exceptionally well during that five week treatment, but it still took a toll on her physically.  During these three weeks she has been eating well and building her strength in preparation for the next round of treatments.  We praise God as she is feeling fairly well, gaining some weight back and looks healthy.

The next step is for her to return to Kenya for evaluation and testing to determine how her body has responded thus far.  There she will undergo a CT scan, an endoscopy and lab tests to determine the nature of the next treatment course.  Results will reveal whether she will either be facing more radiation, but of a different type, along with chemotherapy, or whether she will receive chemotherapy only through to the end of the year.  Please pray for the latter as this is not only much easier logistically in many ways, but also a sign that her body is fully responding to the treatments.  If she is slated to receive further radiation along with chemotherapy this will have to be done from Nairobi as such a type of radiation is not available here in Uganda. However, if she is a candidate for chemotherapy only, then we theoretically are not required to have such done from Nairobi.

We are investigating all options including the possibility of embarking on groundbreaking steps by administering the chemotherapy locally with the help of various doctors and our nurses.  Of course, this is our first choice, for if she stays in Kenya for the duration of the treatment it would not be the easiest as time away from family, added expenses, and the difficulty involved in coordinating the support for Ketty would be added factors.  We are trying to evaluate what can be done and how can we steward the finances that we have at our disposal.  Please pray for wisdom as we determine the way forward.

Financially things have gone well! God has been good to provide for all the costs thus far.  Thank you to everyone who has so generously given.  Each step of the way we have seen God’s hand through the doctors, people giving, and even how He has revealed himself through numerous avenues.  We are still in good financial standing beginning round two of this process, but we already know we will not have enough to finish the course.  I cannot tell you at this time exactly how much we will need as the costs are not yet clear, but I do know we are still needing people to stand with Ketty.  We will do our best to keep you updated, but we ask that you stand in prayer with us as we walk this out.

Geoff Britton, Children’s Spiritual Development Coordinator

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! If you feel led to give towards Aunt Ketty’s further treatment, please visit the donation page and designate your gift for the Ketty Okoth Cancer Fund.