Short-term Mission Trip

God’s Perfect Planning

New microscopes

It always amazes me how God puts a short-term team together. Each time I lead a team to New Hope,  it seems that the work God wants to accomplish happens because

Mike wiring the new home

the perfect people are on the team.
This last trip November 16th to November 30th proved to me that I may lead a team to New Hope, but God is still in control. We had five women and four men from the US set to travel to New Hope and one Ugandan woman to join us from Kampala (the capital city of Uganda).
We arrived at New Hope around 4:00 PM Monday evening and we were all tired from a 46 hour journey. The men were looking at their sleeping bunks and the women were preparing for their first of four nights of a women’s conference. The conference was focused on “There is inner healing from the Lord”. The first night drew about 70 women from all over the area with worship and praise and the Word. The moving of the Holy Spirit began to be manifested by testimonies of past hurts abuse and more. By the last night of the conference, there were more than 150 women attending and God was healing the hearts of the women. The conference ended with a Saturday tea and testimonies poured from the hearts of the village women and healing was evident. God used these six women to bring comfort, healing and peace through the Word to much troubled hearts. All of these six women had been through a class called “Healing Hearts” and when the team was being form by God little did anyone know that God would use their past, hurts and experience of God’s healing power to the souls of these women so mighty. We were all blessed!
The men had their shared of divine appoints as well. Our IT person Russ was able to set up the new microscopes and computer combination for the clinic to help detect malaria and other parasites in the blood. He trained the Kasana nurse and the Kobwin clinic staff at the same time. This new microscope will detect malaria in seconds and the computer allows the staff to save the image for future use. Russ also helped in the office by fixing some machines and also helping out by putting in light fixtures and other items in the home for a staff member.
Our electrician Mike was busy wiring a new home for a staff member, helping out with plumbing and solar panel problems in staff homes.
Our certified mechanic Mark had his hands dirty up to his elbows. The vocational mechanic school had purchased an old Toyota van for the students to work on. Mark took his talents and guided the students by replacing the water pump and fixing other problems to the van. The van ran so well that the team used it to take a trip to Murchison Falls and without any problems.

Team CCS, 2012

I took pictures of New Hope, families and the activities that were accruing for the website, plus helping out in the office by educating some staff members on Word and

women’s conference

I am amazed what God can do!

– Steve Agosto, Team Leader, CCS, Team Uganda 2012